Personal Protection MT

Body armor for operations with increased threat


  • Additional to conventional fasteners, this vest offers a quick release handle for one hand use - in case of emergency remove the complete vest with one pull (emergency release)

  • Another quick release handle for one hand use on the back of the vest - in case of emergency opens the side closures with one pull (medic release)

  • Removeable shoulder, collar, throat and biceps protectors, as well as two different types of groin protector

  • Available in several standard sizes and therefore combinable with a hip belt which provides ideal weight distribution and increased mobility

  • Complete coverage with MOLLE PALS system on front and rear

  • Drag handle on the rear to assist in evacuation

  • Optional thigh and lower leg protection available

  • Compatible with side plates (150mm x 200mm) and torso plates (250mm x 300mm)