Our Vision

Our vision „Safety through consistency“ forms the basis of our company principles and values.

BSST is an independent owner operated company. We have been developing and producing body armor solutions for the last 20 years, with an emphasis on personalized solutions for protection against ballistic, stab and blow threats. Together with our partner companies, we are able to offer our customers individual concepts and premium solutions.


Common sense is the basis of our decision making: our flexibility and unbureaucratic structure allow us to respond to the requirements of our customers. Our reputation as an honest and reliable partner, our business management mindset, focusing on long term planning, sustainability and economic stability are the result.


Our Core Values

We are working on it, committed and reliable.



With our own internal facilities for ballistic testing and composites, we can perform internal quality tests and develop hard and soft ballistic solutions, and have done so in the scope of state funded research projects.


Carrying acceptance originates through carrying comfort and therefore the personal protection must be adaptable to the biometric diversity of the users. In this context BSST is researching and developing customized solutions.


With the support of customers with whom we maintain close contact, suppliers and users, as well as our company philosophy of innovation, BSST further developed independent expertise, eliminating the requirement for third party assistance. Being involved in many research projects as a development partner, BSST has established a positive and well known reputation within the industry and amongst researchers.



Through the application of latest technology we can simplify and streamline work processes for our employees, whilst maintaining and improving quality standards.


Application of modern information technology allows us to achieve the performance required to really allow individual custom manufacturing. The cooperation with fiber manufacturers and weavers is just as much a matter of course as the explicit usage of textiles complying with the Oeko Tex 100 Standard.


Certified quality and environmental management systems emphasize our efforts to accomplish a sustainable business management. Police, Customs, Military and Security services throughout Europe rely on the quality of our products.



Tough? This is an essential part of our company philosophy in a nutshell.


We are not afraid of tackling a problem and calling a spade a spade, committed and with the appropriate bite. We expect a cautious and respectful interaction with customers, partners, employees and nature also from our employees and therefore we encourage responsible action, efficient decision making and flat hierarchies.


Our head start on the market is our high quality product range and the added value which these offer our clients with regards to performance and comfort. That forms the basis and foundation for long term customer satisfaction and the basis for trust in the brand BSST.

Our Responsibility

Certified quality and environmental management system


Quality Control

The decision in 2002, to implement a certified quality management system (QMS) according to DIN EN ISO 9001, did not come through pressure from clients or government authorities. It came from experience and the understan­ding that it is a supportive tool with which a business can be shaped, guided and improved, regardless of the continual change in requirements.

ISO9001 Logo

Environment and Safety

Protection of the environment and climate is firmly established in company strategy and the product development policy consequently focuses on developing environmentally friendly solutions. All workspaces and tasks are continually analyzed together with our employees within the scope of risk management, to sensitize our employees to possible dangers. Since 2011, through the implementation of an Environmental Management System, we are DIN EN ISO 14001 certified.

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