GPEC General Police Equipment Exhibition and Conference®

Once again BSST GmbH exhibited at the GPEC General Police Equipment Exhibition and Conference®, Europe’s largest closed specialist trade show for professional visitors from a range of agencies and other areas related to public safety.


BSST presented the current product portfolio, as well as new developments in the areas of textile carriers and personal ballistic protection. Amongst other things, a clothing segment featuring new developments in the area of cut protection and flame retardant clothing, the X1 Tactical Vest as a compact solution featuring a load bearing system and the new tactical shield DE05.Rush which is being constantly and consequentially further developed and optimized through product design studies.


The GPEC, with 503 exhibitors and over 7387 professional visitors, is the most important national communications platform for BSST, allowing us to partake in dialogue and exchange information with experts from the police, justice, border control and other public safety agencies.


We would like to thank all the visitors and customers for their interest and good discussions.


Due to the overall positive feedback which we received from this year’s GPEC, we will once again be attending at the next show in two years time.

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